Boxed Reality

Boxed Reality

Cardboard, paper, felt

A collaboration with Itay Niv

For the course 'Recurring Concepts In Art', we were prompted to make a piece without technology, so we created a wearable camera obscura. The user places their head inside to be removed from their surroundings but is able to see an altered version of the outside world. The pinhole creates an upside down, inverted image that brings a new perspective to one’s environment. 

When used on a busy street, the device calls attention to itself, clearly breaking the norms of what people do on a sidewalk. But in reality it is not very different than using a smartphone while walking; the key difference is the wearer of the camera is actually more in tune with their surroundings. 

Making the device highlighted how tied to our technology we are. It was unavoidable to turn to our cell phones for documentation or our computers to model an idea. In searching for materials, it was difficult to avoid the manufactured; practically all of New York is artificial. By striving to avoid technology, we awakened our desire for the natural and began questioning the constructed nature of everyday life.