Projection Mapped Sculpture

projection mapped interactive sculpture

touchdesigner, real sense, Mad mapper


As a technologist intern at the LAB at Rockwell Group, I was tasked with introducing touch designer to the team and showing how it could be incorporated into their practice. As a two weeks project towards the end of my internship, I was to create their logo as a sculpture that could be projection mapped and have interactive visuals.


In Fall of 2018, I took Gene Kogan’s Neural Aesthetic and Morton Subotnick’s Creating With Interactive Media. The finals for each class were to create a piece using a neural network and sound, respectively. I wanted to continue my investigation of partying, interaction, and spatial norms through a magic room where your body interacts with music in a recursive manner.


I began by building out the logo in CAD. I took the 2D version, outlined it and brought it to scale inside of SketchUp. After consulting with my coworkers at the lab,  the laser cutter seemed more apt to create the piece than the 3D printer. After struggling with SketchUp, I exported the individual pieces to be laser cut and assembled by the model shop at Rockwell. 

As fabrication began, I started looking at references and figuring out what kinds of visuals might look good on this sculpture and what interactions the depth camera might support. I 


People seemed to enjoy the end installation. But the difficulty in using a neural network to classify something as subjective as dancing was that there was no objective way to evaluate its results.